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  2. I have talked to several people about this and I would love to get this finalized once and for all. I have checked the openstack puppet modules which are mostly developed by the Red Hat team, as of right now, TripleO is using a combo of Ansible and puppet to deploy but in the next couple of releases, the plan is to move away from the puppet option. The plan is to keep puppet for a little longer as backward capabilities but most of the new features, functions will all be moved to Ansible. One of the major aspect is to assure that the company, a section of the team is using puppet raw, to deploy OpenStack and I am proposing to use TripleO (which is the upstream for Director). We are a CentOS shop. This will allow us to do several things like upgrades and new features offered by OpenStack and be on top for the next few years, including: security, scalability up and down, provisioning new nodes etc, am. whereas the adoption of just puppet (with flat network, provider network, no tenant networks at all because of the way the deployment is now, no HA, basically like Nova Network) will limit our OpenStack adoption.

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